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5 Inspiring Acts of Kindness by Terrifying Crime Syndicates

Hey, thanks Pablo Escobar!


5 Animals That Can Do Amazing Things ... With Their Penises

Sex keeps the animal kingdom going and to meet this task, some have evolved penises that are a cape and a mask away from fighting crime.


6 Motivational Exercises That Went Horribly Wrong

Companies are constantly coming up with ridiculous schemes to try and motivate their employees to at least pretend that they care about their job. Next time you find yourself humiliated by having to chant company slogans in the name of team building, just keep in mind, it could be worse. Much worse.


6 Romantic Gestures That Backfired Horrifically

Sometimes, saying 'I love you' just isn't enough.


7 Inventors You Didn't Know You Wanted to Punch In the Face

We hope you brought your punching shoes for this one.


Trying to Understand Thanksgiving (And Drunk Teenage Girls)

Thanksgiving has lost its way. No longer do we gather 'round the cornucopia, swapping stories with family, or whiskey and blankets with Native Americans.


The 6 Most Horrific Lessons Ever Taught in Elementary School

Irresponsible or downright crazy teachers wind up teaching our kids lessons we'd rather they'd kept to themselves


6 Products Designed Solely to Make You a Worse Person

Must have (if you plan on being a hazard to yourself and others).


7 Great Products for Telling the World You're a Rich Dick

The thing about being super rich is that you eventually run out of things to buy. Fortunately, before you ever get so desperate as to, say, give money to the poor, there is a whole industry devoted to inventing ridiculous things to waste it on.