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9 Quirky Things Every 'Cool' Workplace Is Required to Have

Exactly how 'out of the box' is something when every single one of your competitors is doing the exact same thing? Take a look at these things and you decide


The 6 Most Baffling Serial Crimes

Criminals aren't hard to figure out. Ask any cop. The guy who broke into your car wasn't a mastermind, he was probably looking for something he could sell to buy meth. Still, the world of law enforcement does have its confounding mysteries.


The 17 Most Disappointing Moments of the Next 12 Months

Whether politics or apocalypse, 2012 is like the Miami Heat of new years. It began announcing itself well before it was appropriate, telling us that it would be the most important twelve months since we started tagging them with numbers. We asked you to show us all the different flavors of disappointment we'll be experiencing in our pre-ordained la


25 Problems Great Characters Would Face in the Real World

Transporting fictional characters into the realities of the modern world always seems like a good idea, but there are a lot of them that would have a tough time adjusting to everyday life.


10 Real Survival Guides for One Very Fake Apocalypse

As we move into 2012, the final year of human existence, I wanted to take a look back on the last great apocalypse-- Y2K.


The 6 Most Ridiculous Abuses of Diplomatic Immunity

Immunity is granted to keep diplomats from being harassed while they do their work in unfriendly nations. It makes sense, but as you can suspect, people abuse the living hell out of it, often to a hilarious and/or terrifying degree.


5 Reasons New Year's Ruins Everything Great About Drinking

New Year's Eve is, quite simply, a bad and broken drinking holiday.


The 6 Weirdest Cities People Actually Live In

None of us knows what, exactly, goes into city planning, but somewhere along the line, somebody accidentally CC'ed the insane asylum, and we wound up with the following civilizations that simply should not be.


The 18 Most Viral Photos of the Next 12 Months

It's a pretty safe bet that next year's shocking scandals will look a lot like the same sex taping, junk photographing scandals of this year.


5 Reasons I Wrote the Drunkest Column Ever

The editors said I couldn't do it. Well they- they were right.


If You Could Go Back and Change Anything

Now that's how you overthink a hypothetical question.


Where Aren’t They Now? 11 Overlooked Deaths of 2011

Each year Cracked takes time to remember the slightly less famous people who maybe didn't revolutionize the PC and music industries, but who still left an interesting little mark on the culture. These are the most overlooked deaths of 2011.