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The 5 Most Insane Duels Ever Fought

A couple of hundred years ago, the proper method to resolve any dispute was to stand a few feet apart and shoot at each other until somebody died. It was a more civilized time.


Adventures of the Dog Who Doesn't Give a F#@%

Men, read this aloud to your women.


7 Steps to Being the Worst Houseguest Ever

How to get evicted when you're just crashing on someone's couch.


11 Real World Plot Twists We're All Secretly Expecting

In the movies, when something doesn't quite add up, you can always count on a third act plot twist to make sense of everything. We asked you to show us the plot twists that would make sense of the world we actually live in.


8 Rules for Not Sucking at Public Transportation

Like many of you, I rely on public transportation to get to work. But unlike many of you, I don't do it like a jerk.


5 Things Nobody Tells You About Adopting a Dog

When I was financially and emotionally prepared for the responsibility, I decided to go out and get a dog. And that's when the Gods that govern dog laws decided 'Hey, not so fast. You still have to learn some terrible, terrible lessons first.'


What 23 Background Movie Characters Were Secretly Thinking

Our artists use the magic of hindsight to give these cinematic drive by victims a voice.


The 7 People Who Turn Every Parking Lot into a War Zone

There are always those bad apples who mess things up for the rest of us, and that's especially true in the parking lot. Here are seven people who turn every parking lot into a war zone.


Undercover With Nature’s Creepiest Predator: Old People

I refuse to be embarrassed about my fear of the elderly. Old people are terrifying because they have attracted the attention of death.


If Signs Were Actually Helpful

Look out of the windshield of your car as you're driving through town and you'll see probably three dozen signs. Telling you how to drive, where to go and what to eat. So why are we always confused about those things? It's because the signs so rarely tell us what we actually need to know.


4 Reasons Humans Will Never Understand Each Other

We have created a society that is almost sitcomlike in its huge, but simple, misunderstandings. It would be hilarious if the results weren't so tragic.


6 People Who Turned the Tables on Government Surveillance

Call us old-fashioned, but if you're going to go through the trouble of spying on your enemy, you might as well do your homework. After all, it's a fine line between being a badass spy and being a wacky bumbling spy character played by Kevin James.


6 Reasons the 'Police Gazette' is the Craziest Magazine Ever

Despite its insanity, the 'Police Gazette' stayed in publication for 132 years. How? Well, I went through hundreds of issues and I found 20 reasons for its success. Here are the six that had nothing to do with boners.