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5 Ways College Accidentally Prepares You for the Real World

The most important lessons I learned from college, I learned indirectly. Life lessons delivered to me by my first immersion in a shitty, microcosm of humanity.


The Adult World As Misunderstood by Children

We don't just shield children from the real world to protect their fragile minds from all the sexy adventures we're getting up to. Much of the adult world is too boring for words. We asked you to show us some of the misconceptions that arise from kids not knowing the difference between the two.


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Looks like you're tied up on a set of train tracks! So ... is this a sex thing, or a mortal peril thing?


7 Celebrities Who Invented Amazing Things on the Side

Most of us are lucky if we can make it through life with even one outstanding talent. But some just aren't content with that.


20 Competency Tests That Should be Required for Daily Life

We require competency exams for teenagers, but once life has beat them down or their natural instincts have worn down enough to suck at everything else, we give them the benefit of the doubt.


4 Ways the Face-Eater Zombie Craze Proves the Media's Broken

Recently a man ate another man and Cracked had an awesome day of traffic. This is not coincidence.