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The 6 Craziest Villains Ever Defeated by Snack Cakes

In 1977, Hostess started an ad campaign that featured superheroes fighting crime with fruit pies, Twinkies, and cup cakes. As you might imagine, they were insane. Mega-powered beings were facing off against criminals whose plans fell apart every time someone tossed them a snack. Writers had to invent spectacularly ridiculous villains for this to wo


The 5 Most Embarrassing Things Angry Mobs Have Rioted Over

Humans don't need much of an excuse to start rioting. In fact we really don't need any excuse at all.


6 Images of Kids Too Insane to Be Real (That Totally Are)

Here at Cracked, we love badasses. Either because we recognize a kindred spirit when we see one, or possibly because we adore the things that we can never be. Judging by all the crying and non-karate in here, it's almost certainly the latter. But as we quietly sob witty retorts we didn't have the balls to say at the time into our moist, shameful pi


4 Tips for Properly Attacking Animals with a Bicycle Chain

Welcome champion. This is the guide you were looking for. In the next few scrolls of your mouse wheel, you'll learn all the do's and double-do's of how to successfully attack an animal with a bicycle chain. I encourage you to use this advice as you make your way through the world, attacking animals and not telling anybody where you learned how.


6 Reasons Your Plans to Move Abroad Might Not Work Out

Every month or so, you probably know of someone who just gets fed up with America and wants to leave. Make sure you show them this first.


Behind the Scenes of a Failed Bathroom Break [COMIC]

Abort mission! Abort mission!


The 6 Dumbest Things Schools Are Doing in the Name of Safety

It's understandable that school administration and staff go a little crazy. Unfortunately, they reserve the extra-crazy for our children's saftey.


6 Companies That Rigged The Game (And Changed the World)

Sometimes when you see this kind of behind-the-scenes scheming, you do have to kind of admire it. Not approve of it, mind you -- just appreciate the kind of balls it takes to do it.


5 Ridiculous Secrets Only Two Living People Know: Part 2

Here are five more things you will never learn in your lifetime -- unless you happen to be one of the only two people on the planet who already know them.


Turning a Scammer Into a Hero: An Email Exchange

It's not enough for me to ignore these scammers completely, they have developed layered and elaborate characters and then squandered them on duplicity. As a writer, I cannot abide by that. I want to offer these fictitious people a chance to redeem themselves, a chance to trade in their pretend riches for real riches of the heart. What follows is an


The 5 Biggest Disasters in the History of Marketing Ideas

Sometimes companies screw up so badly that you wonder if they, like us, are just making it all up as they go along. How else do you explain these things?