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5 Ridiculous Things Adults Do Thanks to Peer Pressure

According to a dozen videos I watched in high school, peer pressure will/did ruin my life and made me butt chug heroin-laced vodka and snort all the marijuanas ever. I typed this article from my hospital bed. All teenagers are the devil.


6 Seemingly Simple Tasks Everybody Sucks At

Life is hard and filled with failure. Think of it as a raging erection, but replace the forthcoming ejaculant with failure. Did that help? Somehow I don't think that helped.


5 Despicable Things People Do for Good Online Reviews

There's a few things you should know about that 'unbiased' review you're reading.


9 Tips for Surviving While Stranded at the Airport

We have no right to complain about sleeping outside a closed-down airport Chili's for a night or two -- but still, it's not exactly a pleasant experience. That's why I'm here to help you: With a few simple tips and a little preparation, you can make the best of your next travel delay.


The 6 Most Insane Legal Technicalities to Ever Screw Someone

These are stranger technicalities the world has managed to produce, along with a brief estimate on their ability to provoke sickle-delivered justice.


5 True Stories That Will Make You Believe in Karma

Rarely do you see the literal Bitch-Slapping Glove of Justice descend from the skies to smack somebody in the mouth for being a jerk.


20 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 11)

It's time again for our most popular feature, in which we take photos that have made millions of Internet users scream 'FAKE!' and prove that they are, in fact, real.


The 5 Most Baffling Tactics in the War on Terror

The War on Terror has been underway for over a decade now, and we aren't likely to see the end of it anytime soon. And, man, things are getting desperate.


23 State Mottos (Revised for Statistical Accuracy)

States tend to focus on the positive and ignore the negatives when it comes to the slogans they print on their license plates and state signs. We asked you to make them more informative using the power of internet research and image manipulation.


The 6 Types of Profile Pics and What They Mean

Here are six types of profile pics and what they tell you about a person.


4 Free Games You Can Play to Make Life More Interesting

Here are some things you can do to fight boredom, as well as a brief glimpse into what it's like inside my head, all the time.


21 Social Situations Explained Via IKEA Instructions

IKEA has the market cornered when it comes to breaking down complex situations into simple diagrams, and then filling those diagrams with weird symbols and even weirder words. We asked you to use their trademark style to illustrate some of life's more deceptively complicated tasks.


5 Products That Let People Know You're Desperately Lonely

They say technology is creating an isolated, lonely society, probably. And look at the things waiting for those lonely suckers!


6 Insane True Stories More Badass Than Any Action Movie

Movies are incredibly unrealistic when it comes to portraying everyday people defending themselves against crime. After all, when you look at real-life stories of self-defense, you realize their depictions are far, far too tame.