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The 6 Most Ridiculous Abuses of Diplomatic Immunity

Immunity is granted to keep diplomats from being harassed while they do their work in unfriendly nations. It makes sense, but as you can suspect, people abuse the living hell out of it, often to a hilarious and/or terrifying degree.


5 Reasons New Year's Ruins Everything Great About Drinking

New Year's Eve is, quite simply, a bad and broken drinking holiday.


The 6 Weirdest Cities People Actually Live In

None of us knows what, exactly, goes into city planning, but somewhere along the line, somebody accidentally CC'ed the insane asylum, and we wound up with the following civilizations that simply should not be.


5 Reasons I Wrote the Drunkest Column Ever

The editors said I couldn't do it. Well they- they were right.


If You Could Go Back and Change Anything

Now that's how you overthink a hypothetical question.


Where Aren’t They Now? 11 Overlooked Deaths of 2011

Each year Cracked takes time to remember the slightly less famous people who maybe didn't revolutionize the PC and music industries, but who still left an interesting little mark on the culture. These are the most overlooked deaths of 2011.


4 Things Both Atheists and Believers Need to Stop Saying

While I can accept whatever's in people's hearts, there's no reason the rest of us have to keep hearing about it. Here are the four things about God I've heard enough of from both atheists and the devout.


Sci-Fi Stories for Badassed Men

Merry Christmas testosterone: Man Comics!


The 4 Christmas Articles You'll See On The Internet

This year, instead of going all over the Internet and reading everything you come across, I'll save us all some time and just tell you the kind of Christmas articles you're going to see. This year and every year.


7 Ridiculous Origins of Everyday Words

We find it so fascinating to go back and understand where the words we use actually came from. Yet out of all the times we've done this previously, these origins might just take the cake.


The 11 Most Unintentionally Creepy Christmas Ornaments

When it comes time to make holiday decorations, the line between festive and nightmarish is razor thin.


The 36 Worst Action Figures From Iconic Toy Lines

Every kid knew that there was an inherent risk in asking Santa for an action figure, because parents usually figured that as long as it had the right logo on the box, they were on the safe side. This, naturally, caused many a tear-filled holiday.