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6 Shocking Realities of the Secret 'Troubled Teen Industry'

In short order I learned some terrifying truths about an industry dedicated to taking America's at-risk youth and messing them up in the worst way possible.


6 Overused Phrases It's Time to Retire

Many of the cleverest sayings of the last few years, phrases that very recently made us smile, have since graduated into full-on clichedom.


5 Things No One Tells You About Raising Teens

I know what you're thinking: 'Oh, but Kristi, you're too young and hot to have kids that old! Are you sure they're yours?' No, I'm not.


6 Things Gun Lovers and Haters Can Agree On

The gun debate rages on. And for some reason we've handed off the responsibility for this debate to the loudest, angriest people in America.


5 Famous Quotes With Inspiring Origins (That Are Total BS)

You might think you're quoting the careful eloquence of the Great Emancipator, when in reality you're rehashing the disjointed rants of the Ultimate Warrior.


The 6 Most Unintentionally Offensive Publicity Campaigns

We just can't help but think there was a better way to do these things.


5 Surprising Ways Your Language Affects How You Think

You might be surprised about the extent that your brain is wired differently depending on whether you think thoughts in Japanese, English, or Swahili.


4 Offensive Jokes That Could Have Easily Been Fixed

How do we even decide what to laugh at? Some people out there don't even think I'm funny. I know, right?


5 Shockingly Outdated Problems Women in the Military Face

We spoke to Donna Noble (not her real name), a 20-year Navy veteran who traveled the world and raised a child while in the service, and learned that not only do things kind of suck for ladies in uniform, these problems show no sign of changing anytime soon.


7 Criminals Who Made Getting Caught Look Easy

While crime can certainly pay, stupidity is always expensive.


5 Jokes That Make People in Service Jobs Want to Kill You

I think there is something we can all agree on: Lots of annoying customers deserve to die.


The 6 Most Uplifting Facts About the Human Race

It's easy to let the Internet destroy your faith in humanity. But the great mass of us aren't just not being assholes; we're actually genetically programmed to be nice.


5 Self-Improvement Techniques That Actually Make You Dumber

I think it's important that you're aware of the many ways your brain will be a merciless dick to you if you try.


5 Seemingly Insignificant Things That Make People Like You

According to science, if you want people to like you there are a few simple and completely nonsensical steps you can follow.


4 Weird Side Effects of Learning How to Write

A few months ago, several years after beginning this column, I finally learned how to write, the last piece of the puzzle being someone showing me how semicolons work.