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4 Ways to Tell If You're Creepy (Using the Internet)

This game is simple: Take any online service that you use frequently -- suggested products, custom ad services, mail filters, bank accounts, whatever -- and mentally subtract the context that only you would know. What would a total stranger, looking at those same results, assume about the person they're based on?


6 Ill-Advised Marketing Campaigns That Backfired Hilariously

Whether they are deliberately courting controversy or just didn't think it through enough, advertising campaigns occasionally backfire in hilarious ways.


5 Absurdly Fatal Injuries You Won't Believe People Survived

Death is called the great equalizer for a reason -- the rules are the same for everyone. Well, almost everyone.


Man Comics: The Manliest Way to Take Out Space Aliens

Fellows and lads! Man Comics returns just in time for punching season!


The 5 Most Hilariously Misguided Comic Book Adaptations

We're used to movies adapting comic books for the big screen. We never think about it going the other way. And for good reason ...


5 Reasons I'm Not Sorry for Burning Down Your Walmart

You're probably quite reasonably asking why I did this. Well, not withstanding my love for committing acts, this time I had some pretty good reasons. Here they are.


5 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in Japan

Japan is constantly depicted in movies and TV shows as a technological wonderland of science and innovation. So why don't the houses have heat?


The 6 Luckiest Near-Death Experiences Ever Caught on Camera

To those of you who did absolutely nothing to save yourselves, but are simply too smiled upon by the universe to be pulped by a garbage truck, we salute you.


5 Awesome Vigilantes Who Solved Crimes Better Than the Cops

Look, we're not saying that you should spend your spare time confronting violent criminals -- it ends badly more often than not. We're just saying that it's awesome when it works.


The 5 Most Impressive Things Built by One Obsessive Person

Is any of the stuff on this list particularly useful? Nope. Is it all impressive? Absolutely.


The 6 Manliest Ways People Still Hunt for Food

In a world where you can have hot food delivered to you within minutes even if you're in the middle of the wilderness, many of you probably believe that there are no more hunter-gatherers left. You would be wrong.


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