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6 Insane Drug Myths People Used to Teach as Fact

Life has never been good for people who like drugs. Well, unless you're including every second of every day before the 1920s.


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5 Incredible Sensory Superpowers You Didn't Know You Have

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3 Fan Communities That Hate Their Own Members

At some point the fans of these communities decided it was up to them to prevent new people from joining them at all costs.


25 Insane Subcultures You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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6 Things Movies Get Wrong About Swords (An Inside Look)

This is the closest Cracked will ever get to actual journalism.


5 Well-Intentioned Phrases That Have Been Ruined by Assholes

Because of unfortunate implications that we have no control over, a few completely normal statements and opinions can send you sailing directly into the crags of the Land of Douche.


5 People Who Accidentally Filmed Real-Life Action Scenes

This 'found footage' crap happens in real life way more often than you'd think, and a ton of the footage is pretty damn cinematic.


6 Nerd Culture Stereotypes That Are Way Older Than You Think

Unless your concept of a 'nerd' is a Depression-era newsie shooting pre-YouTube fan trailers, you might be surprised to learn that nerd culture has existed for way, way, way longer than you think.


5 Ways Life Changes After a Near-Death Experience

While I didn't come back with any secret wisdom from the spirit world, I did have an experience very few people live to talk about.


5 Terrible Things I Learned as a Corporate Whistleblower

Linda Almonte was an executive with JP Morgan Chase, and her only mistake was doing her job and blowing the whistle on her lawbreaking boss. For the last five years, her life has been a morass of lawsuits and private detectives.


5 Ways Hotels Have Changed for the Worse

In the last decade, I've noticed lots of changes in our homes away from home, and I thought I'd jot them down for you.


9 Extreme Versions of Things You Loved as a Kid

Sit back and let your inner child scream with jealousy.


10 Ways to Feed Yourself While Broke and Hungry

In an effort to save my money for important things, like Canadian strippers and poutine made by actual Frenchmen, I thought I'd cut some corners by shopping for my own meals and eating in my hotel room.