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A Harrowing Tale Of Jury Duty Madness

At times, my account can get a little ugly, and it's occasionally frightening. But like America itself, it never stops trying to be both of those things.


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The 14 Greatest Jobs (That Can Never Exist)

Ninja, star fighter, rebel leader against an oppressive regime, the illest rapper alive -- we've all had dreams of being these at one point or the other.


6 Ways You Remember The Past (That Will Baffle Your Kids)

Nostalgia is generally a pleasant experience, but soon you're going to find yourself nostalgic for nostalgia, because nostalgia as we know it is dying off.


6 Terrible Travelers Who Turn Any Vacation Into A Nightmare

After over 10 years of travel, I've learned one thing above all else: When you travel, you're bound to meet some major assholes who think their shit doesn't stink.


5 Surprisingly Basic Things That Are Depriving You Of Sleep

There are all sorts of random-ass things that mess up your sleep in ways you'd never have guessed.


5 Creepy Things You Learn Cleaning Up The Scene Of A Murder

We talked to some biohazard cleaning technicians -- folks who handle messes too dangerous or terrifying for mortal maids. Here's what they told us ...


16 People Who Made Fortunes From Things You Made Fun Of

It's easy to be derisive toward things we deem as dumb or subpar or belonging to unwashed philistines. But it turns out we should probably bite our high-falutin' tongues.


4 Websites That Are Clearly Elaborate Pranks On Humanity

Have you ever been drunkenly careening through the Internet, feeling like the captain of the free world, only to smash headlong into a website that seemed designed specifically to mess with you?


7 Embarrassing Conversations That Were Overheard By Everyone

It's easier than ever for trusted professionals to accidentally broadcast the shit they say behind our backs to all of civilization.


5 Surprising Things I Learned Infiltrating An Armed Militia

The Oath Keepers' core membership is largely comprised of active duty and retired police officers, firefighters, and military. I went undercover in this group, and this is what I learned.


7 Horrifically Stupid Decisions That Somehow Saved Lives

The human body is a ridiculous bundle of evolutionary misfires, and it continually finds ways to surprise us.


10 Carnival Foods Invented By Crazy People (Taste Tested)

Is there any greater summer activity than going to the local fair and discovering what unholy deep-fried concoctions are being sold to those with a disregard for their stomachs and their mortality?


5 Things You Learn As A Massage Parlor Prostitute

As paid sex goes, a trip to the massage parlor sounds classier than hiring a hooker.