Invisible, Super-Smart Gadgets That Are Hidden All Around Us

You could be looking at a brilliant invention, right now.
Invisible, Super-Smart Gadgets That Are Hidden All Around Us

Brilliant inventions are all around us. No, literally. The tiniest, most pointless-looking gadget that you figured serves no purpose whatsoever is probably performing some essential function that you never knew about, right now.

The tiny hole in an airplane window ensures that it doesn't blow out. An airplane window is made up of three acrylic panes the outer, the middle, and
Those tiny holes on the top of Lego people heads are actually there to save the life of a child. In the event that a person swallows the head, the tun
The sand-filled boxes under train seats help keep the train under control. BEC These boxes automatically dump sand onto the tracks when the wheels nee
Reflective marker colors communicate key information for regular drivers and emergency services. For example: Red means the road is closed to traffic.
The colorful, bright balls hanging on power lines prevent aircraft crashes. Power lines are very, very hard to see clearly from flying aircraft, so th
Invisible, Super-Smart Gadgets That Are Hidden All Around Us
A wire strung across poles in a city is a legalistic solution to a religious problem. For Orthodox Jewish religious purposes, the wire turns the area
Those Braille-like bumps on the bottom of a bottle are used for inspection. Cola Coca-Cola 1ERIESCO ETOSMRL CONT The bump pattern identifies the type
The weights on a wire or lamppost help keep it from failing. JMNOONNHN The weights, called Stockbridge dampers, keep fragile structures from vibrating
The dot pattern around the edges of a car window keeps the window. in place. This pattern, called frit, is a layer of ceramic paint that protects the
The bead on your dashboard tells your car whether it's day or night. This is the car's sunlight level of sensor. The sunlight lets the car know whethe
The holes in electric prongs keep the plug from slipping out. Bumps inside the socket slide into the holes, ensuring the plug stays firmly in place. O
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