19 Pros Who Use Ordinary Products In Extraordinary Ways

19 Pros Who Use Ordinary Products In Extraordinary Ways

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The reason we have Rogaine is because some genius decided to use it in a weird, off-label way. So here are some other products that professionals are re-purposing, that pretty soon everyone will be using in ridiculous new ways.

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Scientists use baby powder to create models of volcano eruptions in an indoor lab. The powder is dropped into a tank where cameras and lasers capture

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Asthma spacers are expensive and rare in developing countries. So doctors started making their own out of 500mL plastic water bottles. Studies found t

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Women in Bangladesh recently started filtering their water using their own COtton saris. Since then, rates of Cholera have dropped 50%. CRACKED COM

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Chinese Zoos use Viagra to increase the sexual appetite of the South China tigers with no sex drive, in an effort to raise the numbers of the highly e
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