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The reason we have Rogaine is because some genius decided to use it in a weird, off-label way. So here are some other products that professionals are re-purposing, that pretty soon everyone will be using in ridiculous new ways.

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Scientists use baby powder to create models of volcano eruptions in an indoor lab. The powder is dropped into a tank where cameras and lasers capture

Entry by Alexius08

AMERICAN TROOPS DURING THE KOREAN WAR USED TOOTSIE ROLLS AS SEALAN'T. Tootsie Rol In the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, a US Marine division, outnumb

Entry by Alexius08

Brazilian doctors are using fish skin to treat burns. CRACKEDCON Brazil's public hospitals lack supplies of pig skin, human tissue, and other sources

Entry by CZM

Asthma spacers are expensive and rare in developing countries. So doctors started making their own out of 500mL plastic water bottles. Studies found t

Entry by Dr.Maybe

Doctors are using Coca-Cola CRACKEDCON to treat a stomach condition. Researchers found that Coca-Cola can dissolve a stomach blockage known as gastric

Entry by CZM

Women in Bangladesh recently started filtering their water using their own COtton saris. Since then, rates of Cholera have dropped 50%. CRACKED COM

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