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Zookeepers Elect To Ride This Out At The Zoo

A zoo is the best possible place to ride out what could potentially be the next few months.


4/20 Is All Month This Year And We Need It

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The 'Shocking' Origin Story Of Triscuit

It's been 100 plus years coming, but now we know what 'Tri' means.


Political Smears That Backfired Wildly

Sometimes when you sling mud, you accidentally pick up a dog turd


Weirdo Zealot Groups Popping Up Around The World

Loose morals and want to hurt innocent people? SIGN UP TODAY!


Why There Is Suddenly A Thriving Market For Bigfoot Erotica

There's a long and fascinating history behind cryptozoological smut.


5 Common Sense Products That Are Weirdly Hard To Find

Do people not want these? People want these right?


Bad Pizza And Furniture Store Meatballs -- Together At Last

It is a result of the world's first team-up between a bad pizza chain and a furniture store that serves the subpar cafeteria food.


4 Badass Jobs With Downsides Nobody Talks About

Even cool jobs have downsides.


Russian Disneyland Wants Your Rubles (All Of Them)

It's the type of Disneyland ripoff that Soviet Premiers could only have dreamed of, here in 2020.