35 Weird Myths We Learned Aren’t True at All

35 Weird Myths We Learned Aren’t True at All

Okay, were not saying that all of these myths and urban legends that have picked up steam over the years being fake is a huge surprise. Itd be difficult to find many rational people who earnestly believe that Miley Cyrus was an employee of Barack Obama, or that Hollywood keeps a bunch of Megan Fox clones around. But some of the following myths have wormed their way into the public consciousness over the years and are generally thought to be true. 

Theyre absolutely not, though! Stanley Kubrick did not fake the moon landing, and theres no secret confession about it in The Shining. Jennifer Lopez did not insure her butt. I mean, how would someone even go about doing that? Also, your hair and nails dont keep growing after you die; the rest of you is just shriveling away because, you know, youre dead. 

To that end, hopefully the following bit of mythbusting brings some clarity to some of the most popular urban legends you mistakenly think are true… 

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