There's no question that celebrities are paid a lot of money for the work they do. But when it comes to how much money they make, there is a huge range from one celebrity to another. For some people, it may be hard to comprehend just how much money some celebrities make. For others, it might not be enough.

We've all heard the rumors about celebrities. Some are outrageous, some are believable- but how many of them are actually true? In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most popular celebrity urban legends and try to figure out which ones might actually be true. We'll also explore why people love to talk about celebrities in such a negative way and share some of our favorite celebrity gossip stories. So, whether you're a fan of Hollywood gossip or not, bring your popcorn and keep reading on for some interesting insights into the world of celebrity rumor-mongering!

STANLEY KUBRICK did not fake the moon landing Filmmaker T. Patrick Murray claimed to interview Kubrick three days before his death, with Stan admitting to perpetuating a huge fraud on the American public. A few problems: Kubrick didn't look or sound like Kubrick. And his widow says the whole thing is made-up jibba jabba.


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