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Elijah Wood And Why 'Animal Crossing' Needed A Role Model

No man was better situated to be the role model we all needed in Animal Crossing than Elijah Wood.


Kids In Japan Are Getting Free Super Nintendos. Step Up, America.

We're pretty jealous of Japan right now.


'Call of Duty''s Anti-Cheating System Will Lead To The 'Supercheater'

Charles Darwin would be very afraid to play 'COD' right about now.


'The New Yorker' Crossword Puzzle Has Released A Co-Op Mode

A style of game where several players work together; a Brooklyn organic food store.


Travis Scott’s 'Fortnite' Concert Is A Window Into Our Future

This silly concert could be the harbinger of the second internet.


People Are Inserting K.K. Slider From 'Animal Crossing' Into Real Albums

The dog's got range, and now there's the album covers to show it.


The Facebook Gaming App Wants To Turn Your Mom Into A Streamer

The only streaming platform with clean bedrooms.


China Banned Gaming With Foreigners Because Of A Tweet

Free speech is much like a virus. Unfortunately China is only equipped to contain one of them.


Guess What's Causing A Nintendo Switch Shortage?

Right when we need it's comforting daily dose of 'Turok 2' the most.


Rage About The New PS5 Controller Is Mystifying

The Internet is having a temper tantrum over the new DuelSense PS5 controller.


'Animal Crossing' Is Weirdly Making People Horny

People are making Animal Crossing sexy and it's weird.


The Pokemon Challenge That's Taking Over YouTube

Can YOU beat Pokemon with a pair of rusty garden clippers?


Pokemon GO's Core Premise Is Crumbling Underneath It

What good is a game that requires you to walk places when you can't walk anywhere? We're about to find out.


'Plague Inc' Mod Is What We Need Right Now

Curing a virus for pretend, over and over, is the catharsis we need right now.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Does A Bafflingly Stupid Thing

Being Player Two hasn't been this much of a bummer since you were forced to be Luigi.