'Magic: The Gathering' Commander Cards That Put A Target On The Opponent's Back

'Magic: The Gathering' Commander Cards That Put A Target On The Opponent's Back

In a multi-player game of ‘Commander’, things can get very political. Bargaining, pleading, alliances, betrayals, it’s really fun. The ideal size for a multi-player game is usually 4 people, although things get pretty wild if you play with five or more. There are endless variations for the way Magic: The Gathering, the world’s most complex game, can go. We’ve written about cards that break the game, Commander variations, and popular deck archetypes in the game’s most popular format. Today we’re going to cover some of our favorite ways to turn the table to our advantage, namely, how you can put a big old “please attack me” target on your opponents. Whether it’s making them an early game threat or incentivizing other players to attack them, these cards will make any game a whole lot spicier. Some of these cards fall into a sort of “pillow fort” category. That’s the Commander term for disincentivizing players to attack you, therefore turning them on each other. Other cards we list here are just straight diabolical.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse


Wizards of the Coast

So devious they won't even realize what's happening.

This card may seem a little counter intuitive, but countering someone’s spell and giving them extra mana right off the bat disrupts their game plan. And all the other players at the table see that that player can now ramp into something bigger, making them pull ahead early on and drawing focus. 

Curse of Opulence


Wizards of the Coast

I have this guy's haircut, but not his money.

Incentivizing other players to attack someone is exemplified in this card. This not only ramps you, it ramps the other players attacking. Making the curse-ee feel very unlucky.

Thantis, the Warweaver


Wizards of the Coast

Trigger warning: massive, absolute unit of a spider.

Not only does it make everyone else want to attack someone other than you, it speeds up lengthy Commander games.

Smothering Tithe


Wizards of the Coast

Some people groan when this card gets cast, but I can't hear them over the sound of all that gold.

This scales with multiple opponents and if someone at your table casts this, they need to be merc’d immediately.

Sanguine Bond


Wizards of the Coast

Sanguine Bond: not even once. Just say no to infinite combos.

If you see this card, your opponent is about to combo off and go infinite. Deal with them or the game is lost.

Curse of Shallow Graves


Wizards of the Coast

It's like The Walking Dead but a card! Oh wait… there are actual Walking Dead cards also…

Zombies, zombies everywhere. This card rewards players for attacking a single opponent by giving them swarms of undead. 

Curse of Vitality

Wizards of the Coast

Apparently you can be too healthy. And it will make villagers try to pitch fork you.

Like other aura curses, this one majorly incentivizes folks to attack the cursed player.

Curse of the Nightly Hunt

Wizards of the Coast

Take the heat off yourself by making someone else a massive threat. The government does it all the time!

Enough shenanigans, this enchantment makes it so the targeted player must attack every turn. Very deadly if you have a strong board and the other players must fight amongst themselves.

Assault Suit


Wizards of the Coast

It may seem mean but it's actually… ok it is a little mean.

Make everyone else fight each other while you bide your time.

Bitter Feud

Wizards of the Coast

Things are about to get very awkward. Especially if you're in a 3 player game.

This one puts a target on TWO opponents’ backs. Make them ignite in a bloody fury of battle while you kick back and build up your board.

Disrupt Decorum

Wizards of the Coast

It's the art on this one for me. That mf is about to get eye stabbed with a FORK. Brutal.

Spark a blood bath and let your opponents know the biggest threat on the table is someone other than you.

Rhystic Study


Wizards of the Coast

You better take out this player fast unless you want to hear 2 hours of “Did you pay the one?”

This is a great way to get value that scales the more opponents you have. But it also puts a target on the casters back. If an opponent casts this, they’re public enemy number one and must be dealt with asap.

Gahiji, Honored One


Wizards of the Coast

He buffs your guys and makes other players want to attack each other.

Making all the creatures on the table a little bit bigger while they attack other players is a winning strategy.

Edric, Spymaster of Trest


Wizards of the Coast

There's no greater incentive than card draw.

There’s a reason this guy is banned in 1v1 Commander. He’s just too good.

Furnace of Rath


Wizards of the Coast

Oof. Most Commander games take two hours. This card can see them wrapped up in about thirty minutes or less.

Another great way to speed up games and incentivize folks to go all out and attack each other.

Orzhov Advokist


Wizards of the Coast

All hail the Orzhov ghosts who definitely have your best interests at heart.

This card really embodies the spirit of Orzhov. Make a sneaky deal to create strong creatures… that can’t hurt you. 

That's the list! It's not in a particular order, we just wanted you to know what cards to look out for if someone else has cast them, and a few nasty ways to make everyone hate you win the game.

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