3 Creepiest Puppet Games

And one honorable mention for an enemy in 'Elden Ring'.
3 Creepiest Puppet Games

Spooky season and fall is almost upon us and that means it’s time to get into our favorite seasonal activity. No it’s not apple picking like a dork or sipping on some cider like a flannel wearing chump. It’s playing scary video games. And this year, the hottest trend in horror is puppets. Their cold, lifeless eyes and soulless smiles just make us pee ourselves with fear. And we wanted to share our favorite terrifying puppets from gaming with you because we’re hoping it works like the curse from The Ring and you’ll have to deal with the haunted marionette that follows us around in our dreams.

Hello Puppets

Immerse yourself in this comedy horror VR game and leave your old life behind. The game cleverly turns your hand into Scout, a talking puppet. The puppets from a forgotten children’s show terrorize you and scout as you tour their old studio. Puppet-y jump scares hit different.  

Five Nights At Freddy’s

It's the eyes.

Before you get your Batman underwear in a twist, yes we know the puppets in FNAF are animatronics. An inanimate object given movement by an outside force counts as a puppet to us. Play as a newly hired night watchman in a creepy, off-brand Chuck E. Cheese and avoid getting caught by the malfunctioning mascots. 

Lies of P

This game isn’t out yet, but from what we’ve seen so far from this love letter to FromSoft looks darkly creepy enough to freak us out from afar. Horrifying enemies populate a Belle Epoch era city. You play as Pinnocchio who must become human by… you guessed it, killing a bunch of guys.  

Honorable MentionMarionette Soldier from Elden Ring
No no no no no nononononono.

The character design for these guys is enough to make you Judy and Punch someone’s lights out if they sneak up on you while playing. We had to include these enemies in the list because of their name. They’ve simply got too many arms to not freak us out. The scariest thing though, is how bad we are at Elden Ring.

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