Fake 'Silent Hill 2' Remake Screenshots Fool The Internet

Fake 'Silent Hill 2' Remake Screenshots Fool The Internet

Not too long ago, we announced that Konami has been working on a bunch of Silent Hill projects, and Konami has just announced a future announcement of a very hype thing, which created very fertile ground for some serious bamboozling. We're delighted to announce that many people who used to make fun of all the boomers who fell for blurry pictures of bigfoot and UFOs back in the day just fell for their modern-day equivalent.

A bunch of pictures detailing a supposed Silent Hill 2 remaster surfaced on the web yesterday, with the word "detailing" doing some very heavy lifting because these pictures have an inexplicably low resolution. Yes, worse than early youtube res.

alej135, Bloober Team

We laugh at but we also envy the positive outlook on life that one requires to fall for this.

What happened here? Did this amalgamation of digital code have to go through a lot of harsh weather conditions to get to us? Did the spy who took these only have a camera from 2003 on him when recording the evidence? Is the final game going to be this blurry? We can't even make the case that this was an older attempt at a remake that got canned because this looks worse than the original game - hell, it looks even worse than the broken Silent Hill HD remasters from a decade ago. We kind of hate remasters, but we'd rather just have this Silent Hill 2 remaster that was made by one person.

We know for a fact that those pictures belong not to the remake that's likely in development, but to a demo build that horror game studio Bloober Team sent to Konami to try to convince the Japanese giant to give them the chance to make a Silent Hill game. So yeah, while it's very likely that a Silent Hill 2 remake is in the works, this isn't it. Now the only mystery left to solve is that of the low quality of the pictures. Maybe it's because without all the blurriness it looked like this:

Top Image: Konami

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