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They say you can't fix a classic -- but anyone who's ever played a video game knows that's a giant crock of shit.


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5 Secret Feminist Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice in 'Portal'

Amidst the killer robots and hyper-masculine scientists is a clever exploration of a woman's struggle in a male-dominated culture, and we're not just saying that because your only weapon is a gun that shoots vagina metaphors.


5 Behaviors Video Games Reward and Reality Calls Crazy

I don't have any science to back up the following theories because when I proposed studies, I was told to get out of the dean's office and put some damn pants on.


3 Shocking Things You Realize as a Gamer in a Dictatorship

In 1998, Hugo Chavez won the Venezuelan presidential elections, and Juan got to learn what 14 years under a veritable dictatorship does to the gaming scene.


5 Ways Video Game Addiction is Ruining Gaming

My theory is that it's because video games, more so than any other artform, are designed to get you addicted, and that this addiction has turned a bunch of dorky but harmless people into raving lunatics.


6 Insanely Dark Online Games for Young Children

One would think that browser games for children would avoid any long trips to Creepy Town.


What You Realize About 'Oregon Trail' Playing It Today

Since nothing numbs the pain of rapidly aging out of pop culture relevancy in your 30s like trying to re-create a moment from your youth, I decided to take on the trail once more.


The 6 Coolest Ways to Lose Popular Video Games

Some developers apparently decided 'screw the obvious and logical game over scenarios! Death should lurk around every corner, waiting to pants the player in bizarre and unpredictable ways.'


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Nobody hates video games more than gamers.


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6 Video Game Easter Eggs Developers Didn't Want You to Find

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5 Brilliant Hacks You Can Use to Cheat the Odds at Gambling

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