Real-Life 'Witcher' School Closes Because Of Staff's Connection To The Alt-Right

Why can't they keep politics out of video games?
Real-Life 'Witcher' School Closes Because Of Staff's Connection To The Alt-Right

For nearly a decade, anyone could totally go to Poland to become a “real” witcher. Yeah, Back in 2015, a recreational event group called 5 żywiołów, (5 Elements) got the green light from CD Projekt Red and created a Witcher school for live-action RP events. 7 years and thousands of fully-trained Witchers later, CDPR has pulled the contract, and the school is no more.

The first thought that comes to mind when trying to guess the probable cause for the closure of a school for witchers will likely be a variation of “well, maybe the Polish government is finally taking a stand against a school that canonically gets 90% of its students killed", but that's not it. The sudden closure is allegedly related to Ania Wawrzyniak, a staff member (and wife of the founder of 5 Elements) who belonged to Ordo Luris. For the sake of clarity, we have to explain that that's not the name of a made-up rival school, but that of a very real far-right organization in Poland. Ordo Luris is a highly bigoted group that promotes anti-LGBTQ+ ideas and we're guessing all the other dumb sh*t that all these groups always promote. And if there were any doubt left, Wawrzyniak wasn't merely an Ordo Luris LARPer, but an actual lawyer of the organization who'd worked on the draft of a law meant to law penalize abortion.

witcher school explosive bow training

CD Projekt Red, 5 Elements

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After the destruction of the Witcher school, 5 żywiołów has announced that they're now working on the creation of their own setting for future LARP adventures. For the time being, ex-students looking for a similar experience will have to stick with Harry Potter's Hogwarts Legacy because that's also helmed by an awful dude.

Top Image: CD Projekt Red

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