Australia's Right Wing Ex-Prime Minister Gets What's Coming In New Horror Game

Looks like all those human rights abuses are finally catching up to him.
Australia's Right Wing Ex-Prime Minister Gets What's Coming In New Horror Game

You’ve been living, working, and paying taxes for your entire adult life. But then your job gets axed because the flag waving patriots that are your bosses found someone overseas they can take brutal advantage of by paying pennies on the dollar. So you need to go on government assistance for a few months until something comes up. Seems simple enough. A new horror game perfectly captures the anguish of trying to jump through almost impossible government hoops. 

Our overly complex unemployment system in the United States leaves a lot to be desired, but judging from the tone of Scotty Goes To Centrelink, they’ve got it even worse in Australia. The game has you playing as ex PM Scott Morrison, he’s recently been voted out and is in need of employment. You’ll be tasked with delivering your CV’s around an eerie, hauntingly red city center. But giant specters haunt your every move. It’s freaky fun and also free to play


Trapped in a hell of his own making.

Scott Morrison and his lackeys have reportedly made Australia's welfare system absolutely horrible to navigate and developer Colestia is now giving players some catharsis. It’s a meme worthy and pretty playable game making light of an absolutely horrible situation. Former PM Scott Morrison is a guy who fought against gay marriage in Australia and also rushed a new law that allows for the indefinite detention of refugees. In international law that’s highly illegal. This guy sucks. And not that this is important to the story but he looks like the creepy dad who hangs around to give the girls’ soccer team too-long hugs after they lose a game. 

But he’s now trapped in a virtual hellscape, or at least his avatar is, running around trying to accomplish a task that seems impossible. Developer Colestia is not one of those companies that stays out of politics. Their games are all free-to-play and have strong leftist slants. They’re also thought provoking and short enough to play in one sitting. Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett first wrote about the game and we’d like to congratulate him and his fellow Aussie’s for being free of this absolute nightmare of a PM. 

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