When Games Don't Stay Away From Politics

Sometimes games penetrate politics in ways one wouldn't expect.
When Games Don't Stay Away From Politics

The most common expletive-free saying among the gamers of today is "Keep politics out of games." That's a lost battle from the start, as all art is political to some degree. We do wonder, however, what our fellow gamers think about the times when the tables turn and it's the games themselves that appear to force their way into politics?

It might look like a distant memory, but it was just a little over two years ago that once republican congressman Duncan Hunter was caught spending over $1,500 of campaign funds on a bunch of games on Steam. That's pretty funny by itself, and it only gets better when you realize that his love for steam extends beyond the virtual world:

In his defense ... well, we don't have anything good to say, but he did try to incriminate his own son in his defense if that counts.

That's a pretty funny story, right? It is. Well, anyway, now that the weaklings have left, we can finally start talking about the serious stuff. This past week, a zoom meeting of the Italian government was interrupted by Final Fantasy VII … porn. 

The unofficial hentai shown depicts a very steamy moment between characters Cloud and Tifa and was played at a meeting aptly dedicated to data transparency in political decision-making. The timing couldn't have been better either, as it hit right when they were introducing Giorgio Parisi, last year's winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, this year's frontrunner for the Nobel Prize in Embarrassment Management.

Look, chances are anyone still reading this is already a fan of Final Fantasy, so it's likely that you're prepared to withstand a shocking video where a Final Fantasy VII character gets pierced from behind, but these are just politicians worried about data usage, they can't handle it – unless they're Duncan Hunter.

Top Image: Square Enix


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