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If Everyone on eBay Was Forced to be Honest

Misleading pictures, tricky language and exorbitant shipping sums have screwed people out of money time and time again. What would it look like if everyone on the auction site had to tell the truth ... even eBay?


If Video Game Power-Ups Existed in Everyday Life

So we were sitting in traffic and thinking about how much we'd like to throw one of those blue shells from Mario Kart at the other drivers, and got to thinking about other video game power-ups that would be useful in real life.


25 Rejected Ideas From Grand Theft Auto IV

A game called Grand Theft Auto IV came out a couple of days ago (you can Google it). It took years to make and reportedly cost $100 million. We don't know what ideas came and went during development, but we're betting some of them were pretty retarded.