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5 Soviet Space Programs That Prove Russia Was Insane

The thing about the Iron Curtain is that we'll never fully know what crazy shit went on behind it during the Cold War. And that's too bad, because the little hints that leak out really make it look like these people just did not give a shit.


The 7 Most Needlessly Terrifying Pieces of Heavy Machinery

If you never dreamed of driving a huge tank fitted with a giant chainsaw while growing up, then congratulations on having been a well-adjusted kid. As for the rest of us? Well, people like us grew up and built these machines for real.


If The Internet Disappeared: Pornography Finds A Way

The hottest new club in New York: Rule 34.


The Good The Bad and the Ugly of Video Games [COMIC]

The spectrums for success and failure for ten different aspects of gaming.


The 6 Most Ingenious Misuses of Military Hardware

War is serious business. Life-and-death stuff. Brutal, bloody and unrelenting. But who says it can't also be fun?


6 New Anti-Pervert Technologies (We Really Shouldn't Need)

Technology is really only there to help people put their dongs into other people, or to prevent others from getting unwanted dongs put into them. This eternal technological sex conflict is called the Great Pervert War, and here are the latest weapons on both sides.


The 6 Stages of Smartphone Ownership [CHART]

From love to hate, and back to love again.


6 Bad Ideas in Video Game Mash-Ups We'll Probably See Next

or years, game companies have been combining games that make money in order to make even more money. Occiasionally this works out pretty well. But with 'Marvel vs. Capcom 3' hitting shelves and selling pretty briskly, game designers will be trying to cram even more blockbusters together into the same universe.


If The Internet Disappeared: 4Chan Live and Unplugged

Small tables scattered the floor and about thirty people all with bags or masks on their head socialized in small cliques. It was like Eyes Wide Shut, but without all the money, prestige, and hot sex. So yeah, I guess it was just people wearing masks, about half of which were of Guy Fawkes.


How to Compose a 'Tweet' [COMIC]

Brevity is the soul of sounding like an asshole.


The 7 Creepiest Robots to See in Action

Plenty of robots look terrifying, but when it comes right down to it, the most unsettling part always comes from their movement