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6 Mind-Blowing Discoveries Made Using Google Earth

Since Google Earth hit the Web in 2005, besides instantly turning all office desk globes into decorative accessories, it has opened the world up to global exploration at the click of a mouse. But it's not just a neat toy; some extraordinary things have been discovered with its one-click access to satellite imagery.


The Lunatic's Guide to Hacking Into Anyone's Voicemail

A simple steel headed fire axe is capable of hacking into many things


5 Seemingly Innocent Ways You Risk Your Identity Every Day

We tend to think of identity theft as a crime perpetrated exclusively on stupid people. Sure, you don't fall for that Nigerian prince schtick and you don't send your login information to ‘official’ emails that misspell ‘PayPal.’ Well, you'd best take a slice of humble pie, because there are lots of things that you do every day, that you're


5 Inventions That Prove 'The Terminator' Is Upon Us

Allow us to detail five real technologies that, according to our calculations, are 100 percent certain to drag us into a nightmare future infested with killer machines shaped like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


5 Advanced Technologies Still Catching Up to Invertebrates

Even the smallest, slimiest creatures employ tech that will some day revolutionize everything from solar panels to TV screens.


5 Ways Your Telecom Company is Screwing You

FYI: Many of the annoying things your cellphone provider does happen behind the scenes, and you'll never find it spelled out on your bill.


6 Shocking Ways Robots Are Already Becoming Human

Did you know you can engineer a soul?Scientists have already gotten a running start at it with these six robots that are treading all over the formerly exclusive domain of mankind.


The 6 Most Ill-Conceived Weapons Ever Built

There are plenty of weapon designs submitted every year. Thankfully, we have folks who make sure the ridiculous ones never see production. Sometimes, though, even they screw up.


5 Reasons Twitter Isn't Actually Overthrowing Governments

The media loves to breathlessly cover 'The Twitter Revolution.' Unfortuantely, the only place it actually exists is in newspapers and blogs.


The 6 Most Badass Weapons Ever Improvised in Battle

War is a terrible thing: Sometimes you have to take the life of your fellow man in the most brutal and extravagant ways...and you just don't have a good enough weapon to do it as hard as you want. That's when you start strapping every weapon you have to every other weapon you have, and hope that physics is in a good enough mood today to let you fir


The Rise And Fall Of An Internet Meme [CHART]

The cake is a spy.


The Cheater's Guide to Winning Online Arguments

using a second persona - called a sock puppet - to further some secret agenda is a bit seedy. It's also an effective way to win an argument online.


The Rise and Fall of a Twitter Sensation: Timeline

The world has somehow forgotten perhaps the greatest Internet sensation of our time