20 Great, World-Changing (And Ignored) Ideas


Mankind has always been inventive -- it's the reason why we no longer have to piddle and run away from gigantic jungle cats anymore. But for as far as we've gotten, we've kind of missed the mark by shunning some great ideas during our existence.

So here is our tribute to innovative technologies we could've had, if not for all the dumb, sneering philistines of the human race.

Entry by John E.

In 1982 A MODULAR CAR CALLED THE Its entire cabin CAPSULA could be replaced, WAS PRESENTED BY turning it into a ITALDESIGN different kind of car as it

Entry by LilySprite

QR Codes started appearing on everything but the kitchen sink (and maybe that too) around 2009... But a couple years later only about 17% of smartphon

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