Mankind has always been inventive -- it's the reason why we no longer have to poop and run away from gigantic jungle cats anymore. But for as far as we've gotten, we've kind of missed the mark by shunning some great ideas during our existence.

So here is our tribute to innovative technologies we could've had, if not for all the dumb, sneering philistines of the human race.

Entry by CheezyWorm22

Andrew Charalambous, owner of the Bar Surya, outfitted the floor of his club with plezoelectric cells that capture some of the mechanical energy expan

Entry by Randallw

Starting in the late '30s, companies suCh as Finch Telecommunications Laboratories, and RCA, offered radio facsimile devices that would allow consumer

Entry by cdpky

Using technology invented in 1958 MCA and Phillips released Laserdiscs to the public in 1978. They offered superior video and sound quality compared t

Entry by Jordan Rudow

In 2007, the US began production of the presidential series of dollar coins, with the hope of eventually replacing the dollar bill. The idea was that

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