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4 Things You Shouldn't Do With the Internet

The Internet's great. You should use it for lots of things. It's also terrible. You shouldn't use it for the following things.


5 Scientific Ways the Internet is Dividing Us

The Internet is turning us on each other. The worse news? It's not getting better any time soon.


21 Tiny Changes That Would Ruin Great Websites

As people who spend too much of their life on Facebook will tell you, the slightest redesign can totally ruin even the most popular websites. We ruin some of your favorite sites with minor tweaks.


11 Useful Products Too Embarrassing to Actually Use (Part 2)

There comes a point where making your life easier just isn't worth the humiliation.


5 Great Ideas That the Internet Has Ruined

I'm going to tell you, unequivocally, what the five worst things on the Internet are. Because I looked them all in the eye and saw a wretched hole filled with human suffering where their soul should have been.


3 Kinds of People the Internet Accidentally Invented

The Internet is responsible for many, many jobs as well as many, many terribly people.


28 Modern Technologies as Misunderstood by Old-Timey Sci-Fi

One of the hardest things to get over when watching old sci-fi movies is how badly they'd misunderstood where technology was headed. We asked you to show us what the people who made those movies might have envisions if given a basic description of some of our most popular modern technologies.


5 Internet Annoyances That Are Way Older Than the Internet

We have a tendency to think that all of the annoyances that came with the Internet are also brand new to humanity. Surprise! They aren't.


4 Insane Things Nobody Tells You About Riding a Motorcycle

Any idiot could figure this out. But I am no ordinary idiot.


The 9 Most Insane Vehicles That Are Street Legal

Even if you're not really into cars, everyone has a dream vehicle. Of course, the problem with getting too fanciful with your automotive dreams is that the really crazy stuff would never be street legal. Or would it?


The 7 Creepiest Inventions Ever Patented For the Crotch

Psychopaths ran out of things to enpenis about two hundred years ago and have been inventing new ones ever since. Most of them make the Saw movies look like infomercials for personal massagers.


5 Recklessly Stupid Attempts at Human Flight (That Worked)

It turns out that early aviation was more a matter of slapping as many of whatever they had lying around the workshop together and getting a running start off the nearest cliff. The truly crazy part? Sometimes it actually worked.


17 Awesome Technologies We Secretly Suspect They're Hiding

With new technological innovations hitting the market all the time, it's easy to forget about all the space age futuristic technology that crazy people assure us the government is keeping from us in a secret bunker in the desert somewhere.


5 Everyday Rip-Offs That Are Surprisingly Easy to Avoid

The world is an awful place, filled with people like us, all trying to screw us over every chance we get. Our only defense is intense, bile-filled suspicion, of anyone and everyone we deal with, including infants.


7 Commonly Corrected Grammar Errors (That Aren't Mistakes)

If you've written anything on the Internet in the past 20 years or so, a short time later you've probably experienced a feeling of pure, unalloyed irritation, when you observed someone correcting your grammar. Well, now you can tell those people to shove off.