You know those “this place has gone X many places without an accident” signs? Those are just for decoration. Something for workers to point and laugh at, then be thankful they don't like in some 19th-century soot manufacturer (and yes, we're pretty sure they lived in those factories).

Yep, technology is pretty amazing. We as an industry have made massive advancements, both in production and what we produce. Technology can get us across a country in a matter of hours, and the people who build it are almost as fast. Technology allows us to see things that are otherwise completely unseen. Hell, technology allows us to wash our asses without ever touching them. Yes, technology is truly amazing. Good thing we got rid of those pesky factory accidents.

Except haha, no we didn't. Pobody's nerfect, as the fella says. When the wonderful machines we've constructed malfunction, the results range from totally hilarious to super terrifying.

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