14 Overlooked Design Flaws In Everyday Things

Whether it's due to aesthetic or convenience, a lot of the stuff we use every day is woefully inadequate and even dangerous.
14 Overlooked Design Flaws In Everyday Things

Whether it's due to aesthetic or convenience, we tend to overlook some really glaring design flaws in the stuff we use all the time. Which sucks, because outside of making a lot of stuff woefully inadequate to actually use, sometimes it can be downright dangerous to do so.

For example ...

Most refrigerator doors have handy bins to store your milk and individual cups for your eggs. Except that is the WORST for them - both eggs and milk a
sage Information: 0r tt can before or during usage. Use in upright position only, a potential So...this will work on the 10% of dust that lands on a v
Dear laptop manufacturers, please put your USB ports R farther apart. araveler 4 TDK Being too close a9e together makes one of them unusable. CRACKEDC
Public Transportation keeps providing the elderly and disabled with the most impractical seating arrangements which gives them an uncomfortable core w
After the Flint water crisis, do you drink bottled water instead of tap water? If so, bear in mind that bottled water is generally subject to LESS scr
The back of an The back of a air conditioner? refrigerator? Directly into the outside Of course where it can expel the heat by sending the hot air int
The rimmed edges on the plastic wrap box should cut the wrap. Fresh&Pack However, there's no way to get it out without shredding it. 30 m 30m GRAGKEDC
CRACKEDCON The fibrous matrix of loofah scrubs traps the dead skin cells that you have just scrubbed off of your body, attracting bacteria that feed o
THIS PC HAS 10 USB PORTS Two are in front, the AVA rest are at the back of the case GOCS(O OC that is under the table, against the wall. Please move m
Cup noodles. Quick. Convenient. And also very, very dangerous. The standard cup of noodles is designed tall with narrow base and wide top. It is even
Crystal-clear door that makes it impossible to tell whether it's open or closed? CRAGK A great idea that certainty won't end in a shower of glass shar
You need to close a fully automatic umbrella back its original position before you can open it again. 1. 2. 3. 4. Press the The umbrella Press the P
Oh. so you want to put your laptop on your lap? Hope YOU enjoy that second degree burn. CRACKED.COM

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