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The NCAA Might Be Screwed Due To The G-League

Could the G-League spell the end for NCAA?


The XFL Is (Once Again) Dead



Hit The Nadir? Watch Russian Slap Fighting

Russian Slap Fighting is exactly the type of entertainment we need right now.


No March Madness, Chicken Wings Up The...

Logic dictates that there must also be a wet nap surplus.


Shaq Once Offered A Teammate $10K To Fight Kobe

Nobody on the planet would dare fight Kobe, but that didn't stop Shaq from finding out what the asking rate would be.


Hoax, Or No Hoax, The New York Jets Should Sign Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick to the Jets is a match made in heaven and orchestrated by a parody Twitter account.


Dana White Is Ripping Off 'Mortal Kombat' You Guys

Will soon officially announce the signing of Goro.


NFL Draft Has The Smell Of Doom To It

Somebody's gonna bungle this draft and we're ready for it.


A Desperate NBA Turns To H-O-R-S-E, The Lowest Form Of Basketball

There's going to be a lot of half-court heaves to earn an 'H'


Bring Your Golf Game Right to Your Backyard With These Deals

Self-isolation doesn't have to slow your cabbage roll.


Announcers Doing Play-By-Play Of Their Pets Is What All Sports Should Be Now

If you’ve ever wondered if sports commentators are just doing that in their heads constantly, the answer is yes, it’s amazing, and it frequently involves dogs.


LaMelo Ball Is Trying To Buy A Pro Basketball Team Before Even Getting Into The NBA

Buying a basketball team at age 18 is the first big baller thing that Big Baller Brand has actually done.


The White Sox Will Be Announcing Simulated Games And It Could Be Hilarious

Starting today the Chicago White Sox will be simulating a game every week on Playstation's MLB The Show and we hope other teams follow suit.


College Athletes Can Now Raise Money For Charity, And That's Big

The NCAA had to create a waiver for student-athletes to raise money for charity. Sheesh.


The Olympic Torch Got To Japan, Now What?

Made it there 0.01 seconds too late.