30 Weird Facts From the Weird World of Sports

30 Weird Facts From the Weird World of Sports

Okay, so we couldnt find any kind of factual backing as to why Philly fans seem to riot over literally everything, but we were able to dig up all kinds of other sports facts that will blow your mind. In fact, we knocked it out of the park if we do say so ourselves…

You HAVE to touch all the bases - no excuses! BASEBALL CRACKED.com In 2008, a Red Sox runner's Achilles tendon snapped as he was rounding 2nd base during a home run trot. The umps declared that someone had to go play footsie with all the bases, and allowed them to substitute a runner mid-play.


As of 2016, a gold medal is worth about $564 its weight in gold and silver. While some medals have sold at auction for as much as 1.47 million. CRACKED.COM

ABC News

Any jerk at the game could become the goalie HOCKEY CRACKED.COM Every NHL team has a spare goalie waiting in the wings, though they're rarely called upon. Rarer still, if they blow through two goalies in one game, they can sign any ol' schmoe for a one-game contract. In 2020, zamboni driver David Ayres got to play a game for the Carolina Hurricanes. He won!


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