15 Embarrassing Sports Records No One Wants To Break

Some of history's biggest winners were also the biggest losers.
15 Embarrassing Sports Records No One Wants To Break

Most pro sports are a zero-sum game. Every story of triumph and physical domination is also a story of humiliating defeat. So, if you think about it, it kinda makes sense that some of the best athletes in history are also some of the worst athletes in history.

Shortest Career PREMIERE LEAGUE FOOTBALL CRACKED.COM Joe Sheerin was called up from Chelsea's bench at the literal last minute. He was subbed in with less than 60 seconds remaining in their 1997 win over Wimbledon (and never played in another game).
Most Ass-Kickings NFL CRACKED.COM In 2002, Houston's David Carr got sacked a record 76 times. He led the league in sacks in the '04 and '05 seasons, but never managed to break is '02 record.
Least Job Security MLB CRACKED.COM Octavio Dotel probably spent a lot of time in hotels -- he played for a new team in a new city, every single season of his 13-year career.
Most Fruitless Freethrow Shooting St.Louis BOMBERS CRACKED.COM Before the NBA, the Basketball Association of America was the premier league for US ballers. At one point in the 1940's, Griff Roux set a record that stands to this day: he took 20 free throws in a single game, and missed every last one.
Biggest Ass-Kicking MLB CRACKED.COM In 2007, the Texas Rangers pulled off the most vengeful comeback in MLB history. At one point losing 0-3, the Rangers came back to win 30-3.
Biggest Ass-Kicking NHL CRACKED.COM In 1944, the Red Wings absolutely demoralized the New York Rangers, 15-0. Over half of those goals came in the final third of the game.
Biggest Ass-Kicking NBA CRACKED.COM In 1991, the Miami Heat were extinguished by a ruthless Cleveland Cays team, 148-80.
Biggest Ass-Kicking NCAA FOOTBALL GA.TECH 63635442222 CUMBERLAND 000000 CRACKED.COM The cumberland Bulldogs tried to back out of a 1916 game, but Georgia Tech wouldn't take we don't even have a football team anymore for an answer. The Engineers crushed the Bulldogs 222-0.
Most Pick-Sixes NFL CRACKED.COM Jameis Winston led the league in passing yards in 2019, but also just barely squeaked out a league-record 7 interceptions for touchdowns. His 7th came in overtime in the last game of the season.
Biggest Losing Streak D1 FOOTBALL I DUAMED CRACKED.COM The Prairie View A&M Panthers didn't taste victory for nearly a decade. They lost 80 straight games from 1989 to 1998.
Longest Suspension NHL CRACKED.COM Professional concussion deliverer Billy Coutu was suspended for life when he tried to beat the sh*t out of the exact wrong person: the referee.
Longest Coach Suspension NFL VL, BOWL CRACKED.COM Saints coach Sean Payton was given a one-year suspension in 2012. And all he did was give his team cash payments for every opposing player they intentionally injured!
Biggest Losing Streak NBA CRACKED The 76ers racked up 20 straight losses in the 1972 season. Fred Mad Dog Carter was named MVP, but suspected it may have been an insult: I wasn't sure whether it was for me leading us to nine wins or 73 losses.
Longest Time Not Really... Doing Anything NBA CRACKED.COM LA Lakers point guard Derek Fisher once spent 34 minutes without a single point, assist, or even a rebound.
Biggest Loser MLB CRACKED.COM He's better known as the namesake of the yearly award for best pitcher, but cy Young's prolific career also produced a fair amount of duds. In 22 years, he had a league-record 316 losses.
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