Even people who insist on making “Sportsball” jokes around the Super Bowl know a lot of the most notable sports moments in history, purely through cultural osmosis. They know Babe Ruth was good at hitting a tiny ball with a stick, or Tom Brady is pretty good at throwing strangely shaped leather balls, or Usain Bolt runs as fast as… a cartoon character who runs very fast. But even ardent sports fans might not be aware of some of the more truly interesting facts and records-- like how about a loophole that made it legal to pass the ball forward in football as long as it LOOKED enough like an accident? Or the fact that any hockey team could be called upon to defend their championship title? Or how about the longest and most embarrassing losing streaks in a bunch of respective sports? Those are the ones that might not make you feel as bad about peeing your pants during teeball, which obviously happened to all us… Right?


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