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5 Alarming Parallels Between The USA And Putin's Russia

You may have noticed things in America have gotten kind of ... weird.


America’s Worst Candy Is Saved By Its Second-Worst Candy

Necco Wafers are teaming up with America's other least-favorite confectionery.


Coca-Cola Might Be Going (Back) Into The Drug Business

The sugary beverage giant is considering putting some Mary Jane in their Coke.


5 Famous Pro- And Anti-Trump Personalities With Shady Pasts

Sometimes pundits have pasts more interesting and/or shadier than anything they're reporting.


5 Realities Of Owning A Gun (The Media Never Talks About)

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5 Ridiculously Implausible Things The Alt-Right Is Afraid Of

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5 Crazy Trump White House Stories No One's Talking About

Behind-the-scenes, the White House resembles an episode of 'The Office' directed by Kafka.


Verizon Cut A Fire Department's Data (During A Wildfire)

It takes courage, passion, and the Unlimited Data Plus Package to save lives.


San Francisco's Human Poop Crisis Has Reached New Levels

A special task force is being assembled to keep the city from drowning in human feces.


Bad News! Crocs Aren't Going Out Of Business

Fans panicked after the company announced its last manufacturing plants are closing, but unfortunately, Crocs will never die.


In Italy, Police Are Cracking Down On, Uh, Sand Theft

Heavy fines are being issued for stealing Sardinia's most prized possession: its beaches.


Net Neutrality Is Dead, But We Can Bring It Back: Here's How

It's not too late to try to help net neutrality.


Chicago Restaurant To Hawaii: Stop Using The Word 'Aloha'

The people of Hawaii have a few other words for this trademark bully.


Is Guy Fieri An American Hero? (Yes, He Is)

It's time to talk about Guy Fieri.