Vienna, Austria's Tourism Board Starts OnlyFans To Show Off Their, Erm, Classic Artwork

Vienna, Austria's Tourism Board Starts OnlyFans To Show Off Their, Erm, Classic Artwork

On today's installment of tales from a dystopian present in which a squad of ultra-pious robotic overlords rules social media with an unrelenting iron fist, it seems yet another online creator has been pushed to OnlyFans after posting content apparently deemed too “lewd” for our innocent eyes – no, not Mia Khalifa, Riley Reid, or everyone's favorite unpronounceable YouTuber, Tana Mongeau  – rather … Vienna, Austria's tourism board?

In an initiative called “Vienna Laid Bare,” the European city has taken to the erm, spicy platform to display some of their greatest assets – a.k.a. classic works of art including the Venus of Willendorf figurine, as well as other pieces by Richard Gerstl, Koloman Moser  – after receiving strikes for posting such pearl-clutching images on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, per Motherboard

What is Vienna doing on OnlyFans?” asks the about section of the tourism board's OnlyFans page, which currently costs $3 per month, with subscribers getting a free Vienna City Card, allowing them admission to one of the museums appearing on the page as well as access to the locale's public transit. “Vienna is home to some of the world’s most famous artworks, many containing nudity. The most prominent social networks have policies in place that ban or censor such works. With our OnlyFans account, we want to give these artworks the freedom they deserve – including on social media.”

While as Motherboard noted, fine art has long found itself at odds with social media's evidently ultra-conservative moderators, including a 2018 incident where several posts featuring art by Peter Paul Rubens were removed from the Flemish Tourism Board's Facebook page for nudity (because who isn't turning to tourism board Facebook posts featuring 17th-century paintings as their primary source of porn?) the concept of art censorship spans well beyond the digital age. 

Over the years, Vienna has been home to some of the world’s most famous artists – including Egon Schiele and Koloman Moser, whose works pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in art and society at the time,” the tourism board wrote in a statement posted to their website. “Besides changing the face of art forever, they are also known for their unflinching depictions of the nude human body. So it hardly comes as any surprise to learn that some of their artworks fell foul of the censors over 100 years ago.”

In modern-day however, it seems very little has changed, with their works drawing ire on social media (notably unlike conservative figures, regardless of what "WAP" cover artist Ben Shapiro says). 

And the battle against censorship still rages on: with the rise of social media, bans like these are back in headlines once again,” the statement continued. “Major social media channels like Instagram and Facebook have nudity and 'lewd' content firmly in their sights," it explained, adding that “Vienna and its art institutions are among the casualties of this new wave of prudishness – with nude statues and famous artworks blacklisted under social media guidelines, and repeat offenders even finding their accounts temporarily suspended.”

So, folks, if you ever get bored with the breadth of porn out there – even that made in space – you know where to go. 


Top Image: Jakub Hałun

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