13 Pieces Of Good News That Went Under The Radar

13 Pieces Of Good News That Went Under The Radar

The news, amirite? Did ya see this, did ya hear about this? It sucked, huh? We all hated that thing! Depressing. Miserable. Wait a second…oh my God! My goodness! That's not the type of article we're doing today! That's…wait a second…IT IS! IT'S POSITIVITY'S MUSIC! CUE THE RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS AND FREE CANDY!

Yes, we’re all painfully aware of the billions of depressing things in the news. It's not like the unicorns can just magically eliminate bad things from life with the power of free candy. But there are also some really good things that went under the radar. Those things should be celebrated. Things that should be joyously discussed. The world isn't an inherently good or bad place, humans aren't inherently good or bad, but there is a tendency to fixate on the bad and overlook the good. That's what we're here for today: not overlooking the good. Here, have some joy: 

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