Humans usually tend to keep our opinions and thoughts to ourselves when self-conscious. This gives us the appearance of being restricted and rigid. It may appear that they will wait for all of you to say something when starting to think about just how awkward you have become.

However, they may believe that the uncomfortable silence is their mistake. You are not alone in blaming yourself. Another person may go blank, give too simple answers, hesitate to ask a carry question, or simply be unable to keep the dialogue flowing.

It's difficult for another person to keep things interesting if we start giving bare minimum responses, such as "sure" or "yes."

As well as, regardless of who is "at fault," people try and solve the silence on their own – they are NOT going to wait for all of you to do it. These facts are a surefire cure for awkward silences, strange lulls, weird dips and bad dates.  Well, maybe not that last one. You're on your own there.

Buzz Aldrin wasn't a big fan at all of the Ryan Gosling movie First Man. Не flat-out said he didn't like the movie (he appears in it as a supporting character, played by Corey Stoll). CRACKED.COM


Millard Fillmore had a society dedicated to how totally boring he was. Не was one of the most forgettable US presidents, and in 1963, a society formed to celebrate his being so very boring. CRACKED.COM


One guy spent seven hours skiing down from the world's second highest mountain peak. Не climbed for three and a half days to get up there - without any additional oxygen, which is pretty badass. CRACKED.COM


In an Indian park, rangers are legally allowed to shoot people hunting rhinos. Which led to rangers killing 20 people in Kaziranga park in 2015 - fewer rhinos got killed by poachers that year. CRACKED.COM


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