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15 Things Christine O'Donnell Will Probably Say Next

Seriously though this bitch crazy.


5 Bad Economic Indicators for the Criminally Insane

personally, I always thought 'economy' was a virtually windowless van manufactured by the Ford Company. It seemed a little odd when people got excited at the prospect of it 'turning around,' but I just figured they were rape fans.


What The Hell Is Wrong With Twenty-Somethings?

What's our problem?


3 Reasons the Ground Zero Mosque Debate Makes No Sense

I don�t usually write about politics. It�s important, but something I want no part of � kind of like a raw sewage treatment facility. But frankly, I haven�t been this upset in a long time. And it's due to the logic-hating, herd-mentality rhetoric that some have been flinging in opposition to the so-called 'Ground Zero Mosque.'


6 Objective Reasons The US Army Should Invade BP

Turns out BP and COBRA have a lot more in common than an all-capped name.


The 5 Most Statistically Full of Sh!t National Stereotypes

Turns out many universally accepted national reputations have little to no basis in reality. Shocking, we know.


The 6 Most Half Assed Attempts at Corporate Green Washing

'Just paint the logo green, those idiots will believe in anything.'

334's Top 25 Articles of 2009

Counting down the 25 most popular articles posted this year.


8 Insane Ways Parents Are Politically Brainwashing Children

Create your own adorable partisan asshole.