The 'Dilbert' Guy Used A Mass Shooting To Shill His New App

The brilliance of Scott Adams, ladies and gentlemen.
The 'Dilbert' Guy Used A Mass Shooting To Shill His New App

Imagine you had just witnessed the recent horrific shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California. In the chaotic fallout, you of course calm your shaking hands for long enough to download the Dilbert guy's app to set your pay rate before those scummy freeloading journalists try to get a printable quote from you for free. That's what Scott Adams told Gilroy attendees to do, using the shooting as an opportunity to pimp his app.

The app in question, WhenHub, helps "experts" make money by linking them up with interviewers looking to speak with someone who knows a thing or two about a subject. There's nothing inherently problematic about this ... right up until Adams watched news of yet another mass shooting and thought, "Those poor people can really use this right about now," and then tweeted it.

Seems a little toxically capitalistic to promote a tool for people to make money off of a massacre that happened ten minutes ago, no? One of Adams' many responses to accusations of being a grifter preying on tragedy was to blame socialism for making people think that they shouldn't have the freedom to make a little money off the murder of children.

So yeah, if the world were run exclusively by Scott Adamses, firefighters would stare at your burning house until you swiped a card through a reader, then they'd charge per gallon of water sprayed before finally asking if you'd like to become a fire rescue rewards member. You'd regretfully say "Yes."

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