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6 Famously Terrible Movies That Were Almost Awesome

Lots of bad movies looked like good movies in the early stages. It takes a whole bunch of people to make a movie, and often the finished product is only as good as its shittiest element. That messy process is how we wound up with ...


6 Beloved Characters That Had Undiagnosed Mental Illnesses

While these serious illnessess may be unintended, we would be remissed to not bring them up in the most immature fashion possible.


The 5 Craziest Children's Cartoons from North Korea

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5 Baffling 80s Trends (Explained by Rare Mental Disorders)

At a certain point, future generations are going to come to us with questions like, 'What? Why?' Fortunately, neurologists and sociologists have identified a number of mental disorders that are perfectly designed to explain the decade I grew up in.


6 Movie and TV Universes That Overlap in Mind-blowing Ways

While odd fictional relations are nothing new, these are mind-blowing on a story-altering level.


The 5 Most Insane Alternate Reality Games

ARGs are usually pretty crazy to begin with, but some of them go the extra mile. That extra, ultra-insane mile.


The 14 Ways to Be Scared By a Mirror in Movies [CHART]

Oh no, look out behind you! Only it's not behind you! It is you! Or something!


5 Villains That Were Thinly-Veiled Versions of Real People

For those of you who've ever dreamed of turning your childhood enemies into objects of ridicule and hatred, with a side of jackass to boot, this list is for you.


10 Deleted Scenes That Would've Ruined The Film

Hollywood has trouble with doing the right thing, but the very existence of deleted scenes proves that they are capable of reigning things in and making good decisions. Still though, you have to wonder why they shot them in the first place.