Wonder Woman Was A Twist That Everyone Missed

Wonder Woman Was A Twist That Everyone Missed

Imagine you're watching a new Batman reboot. You don't know much about it in advance, but you've seen other Batman movies. During one party scene, a brunette stands out. The camera pretends she's just another guest, but a famous actress plays her, so you know she's important. 

Bruce Wayne has a secret mission at this party: to steal something. The mystery brunette beats him to the item and then escapes the party in someone's fancy car. Later, we see her at a second party, and Bruce shows up to confront her. She appears interested in some expensive item on display, she and Bruce flirt, and she talks about what it means to be a thief.

She has to be Catwoman, right? There's just one lady burglar in Batman stories, and it's Catwoman, otherwise known as Selina Kyle. You can generally count on her popping up in every Batman adaptation eventually, and she and Bruce often spar like this. Later in the movie, however, Bruce sees a hundred-year-old photo of the woman looking the same age she does now—and wearing a costume we recognize. She isn't Catwoman. She's Wonder Woman! She didn't seem like Wonder Woman, but we now see she must be. This famous superhero has never had a movie before, so this is a huge deal. 

We just described 2016's Batman v Superman. However, we're guessing we did not describe your thoughts when you saw that film. As great as a twist as this might have been, the studio had widely advertised that they'd cast Gal Godot as Wonder Woman, so no one got to experience the mystery and the reveal. It's hard enough for studios to keep mum about even tiny cameos—there was no way the marketing department was going to sit on this piece of major casting news.

And yet there was a brief period, early in production, when Wonder Woman's part in the movie was a secret. When Warner Bros. offered Gal Gadot an audition for their next superhero movie, they did not initially tell her which character she might be playing. Not until the actual reading with Ben Affleck did she learn the truth. "I mean, I could have guessed," she later said, about the undisclosed role. "I thought it was going to be Selina, you know?"

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