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What Your Favorite Doctor Who Companion Says About You

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9 Baffling First Drafts of Classic Movie Posters

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25 Dick Moves Movie Heroes Get Away With

Fictional villains do a good job at being jerks or evil or whatever. So good that, more often than not, we overlook the terrible shit the heroes are doing.


The 5 Worst Parts of Moving Back in With Your Parents

What was intended to be only a few months turned into a stay that lasted well into the next year. In that time, I learned a few surprising things from the experience.


29 R-Rated Scenes Adorably Censored to be Kid-Friendly

We understand that films are sometimes censored to make the appropriate for all TV-viewing audiences -- but sometimes movies don't go far enough. Blurred lines or lots of pixels don't censor quite enough.


5 Horror Movie Plots You Won't Believe Actually Happened

True crime is a popular genre, but what sort of sick puke seeks out true stories of horrific murder for pure, popcorn-munching entertainment? Well, unfortunately, you may have unwittingly done that.


5 Classic Geek Debates That Were Settled a Long Time Ago

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20 Bizarre Scenes That Were Almost in Famous Movies

Polishing a turd is no easy feat, but it can be done -- all you have to do is remove the little kernels of corn.


4 Supporting Characters That Deserve Their Own Movies

There are a fair few characters who have practically no chance at all to ever feature in a movie of their own, despite the fact that they could totally carry one.


28 Cringeworthy Comic Book Storylines the Movies Left Out

Hollywood takes certain liberties adapting comic books for the big screen. And after seeing these storylines, its no wonder they keep to the general guideline and avoid the specifics.


4 Embarrassing Moments From the Worst New Year's Countdown

Don't believe something as benign as a New Year's Eve countdown show could have been such a monumental spectacle of failure? Well, let's lay out all the evidence I've collected.


5 Reasons Great Directors Eventually Make a Bad Movie

Why do formerly great directors decline into shit? The answers are probably a lot more simple than we think.


20 Real Weather Events That Put Science Fiction to Shame

If the documentary '2012' taught us anything: Weather can be crazy, man.


5 Annoying Ways Trailers Trick You Into Seeing Movies

The people making trailers actually have really good reasons for making everything so painfully repetitive.


15 Movie Character Traits That Make No Sense

Movies require use to suspend a lot of natural disbelief about what we're watching. But some things we just have to question.