‘Rick and Morty’ Fan Finds Unfortunate Easter Egg in the Smith Family Fridge

The fate of a one-off villain probably won’t be uncovered by a meager milk carton
‘Rick and Morty’ Fan Finds Unfortunate Easter Egg in the Smith Family Fridge

Considering the number of missing children, families, planets and universes left in the wake of Rick and Morty’s seven seasons, there aren’t enough milk cartons in the Central Finite Curve to bring everyone home — if there even is a home for any of them anymore.

Like any Dan Harmon project, the continuity of Rick and Morty is carefully curated, chronicled and called-back with each successive season. No one-off character, secondary detail or secret plot line is off-limits for a return to the show, and even characters who got dramatic death scenes early in the series are likely to rise from the ashes as Phoenixperson at any given moment. As such, Rick and Morty fans comb through every frame of every episode with the meticulous intensity of Investigator Rick uncovering Evil Morty’s Citadel conspiracy.

One such fan in the Rick and Morty subreddit spotted a dark callback in the Season Four episode “The Old Man and the Seat” to just the prior entry, “Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat.” In a post titled, “did anyone notice this,” user phoebetatro posted a screenshot from “The Old Man and the Seat” showing the inside of the Smith’s refrigerator, which holds the famous butter-passing robot, some butter and a milk carton with a missing-person notice showing the face of the unusually eloquent bully Morty just airlifted into the atmosphere in the previous episode. 

“The airs getting thin,” the unnamed lead bully remarks as the sphere Morty slammed into his stomach carried him up into the air, never to return again. 

Despite only appearing in a single scene prior to his departure from the planets surface, we learned a surprisingly large amount about the missing roughneck from his brief time in the canon: Hes a fan of the 2017 Disney Pixar film Coco, hed rather smash his skull against a locker in “impotent rage” than go with the flow and he knows enough French to issue a “fait accompli” against Morty.

In a moment of deep, dark irony, that “fait accompli” was actually the Death Crystal-driven Morty sealing the bullys own fate, as, according to the milk carton, his last moments standing on Earth were spent being bested by the teen he wanted to torment.

Still, that may not be the last Rick and Morty fans have seen of the missing bully — perhaps they will find a screenshot from a later episode showing his frozen corpse floating through space. Accompli indeed.


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