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6 Artists You Won't Believe Made Stuff Just For Kids

It turns out a bunch of famously serious or edgy artists secretly make children's entertainment so wholesome that any cynic's heart would vomit puppies and rainbows.


Powers Nobody Realizes Superheroes Have

Some characters have unmentioned secondary skills that are so incredible that their primary superpower eats a pale shit in comparison.


5 Ways My Movie Collection Became An Actual Addiction

I'm not fooling myself into believing that this was as dangerous as a drug addiction, but what it did to my financial situation dominated my life for way too long.


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Michael Bay movies are a strange thing.


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Good horror is all about atmosphere, which is why setting is so important.


6 Baffling First Drafts Of Famous Movies

Here are some of the most ill-conceived of many, many ill-conceived ideas from not smart studio execs.


4 Tactics For Preventing Spoilers Before They Happen

These rules serve one purpose: to prevent you from ruining someone else's fun and enjoyment of something they love just as much as you do.


5 Lies Hollywood Taught Us About Getting A Fake ID

Up until the moment of receiving one, the only knowledge of fake IDs that I had came from movies that have proven time and time again to be not true at all.


6 TV Spin-Off Story Lines That Ruined The Originals

Sometimes TV crossovers and spinoffs not only suck, they do it so hard they retroactively ruin the original.


6 Secret F-Yous Lurking In Famous Pop Culture

Creative types can be petty, and they tend to not be shy about taking their grievances public.


5 Reasons We Don't Want Superheroes To Wear Masks Anymore

As superhero movies get more and more faithful to the source material, masks are starting to get neglected.


The Secret Thing All Horror Movies Are Really About

This particular theory pertains to two things that are very near and dear to me: Horror movies, and your genitalia.


5 Ways 'Star Trek' Was Rebooted Wrong

Reboots. When they work they combine old fans with new viewers. When they don't they combine horror movies with asshole genies, bringing back exactly what you asked for but it's changed and awful inside.


5 Horror Villains Who Aren't As Bad As They Seem

These are the monsters you can actually get behind. They're go-getters.