Joy Behar Says ‘SNL’ Doesn’t Have Any Hot Men Either

‘Belushi and Chris Farley weren’t exactly my ideal dates’
Joy Behar Says ‘SNL’ Doesn’t Have Any Hot Men Either

TikToker Jahelis went viral recently but probably not in the way she intended. After claiming that Saturday Night Live refuses to hire “hot” women, the Internet fired back with a deluge of images intended to prove that, from Gilda Radner to Chloe Fineman, the show has more than its share of beauties. Current SNL cast members, from Sarah Sherman to Chloe Troast, weighed in on a controversy that no one is taking all that seriously.


Except perhaps Joy Behar. The View cohost, who once unsuccessfully auditioned for SNL herself, has decided to fight goofy with goofy by proclaiming that the show doesn’t cast sexy guys either. "I don't see many hot men there,” she said Thursday. “I mean, Belushi and Chris Farley were not exactly my ideal dates. So men are not that hot, 'hot,' meaning sexy, I think that's what they mean.”

Then Behar seemingly co-signed on the Tiktoker’s argument that there are no supermodels of any stripe on SNL. “The women are attractive, obviously,” Behar concedes. “You don't have to be a dog to be funny, but if you're hugely, hugely model-level, no one's going to laugh. That's why Gisele Bündchen is not funny."

Duck, Gisele, you almost just got hit by a stray!

Boobs make a comic less funny, Behar argued, at least when they’re flaunted. “It's not for men to ogle the women who are trying to get a laugh. First of all, as a comedian, if you go out there (here, Behar pantomimes an odd hoochie-coochie dance from a 1920s burlesque show), no one is going to laugh at what you say because they're too busy looking at your boobs and working out something that's going on in their heads — especially the men. One thing clashes with the other."

For better or worse, Saturday Night Live appears to disagree.

Later in the show, Behar clarified why men are too intimidated by beautiful women to laugh at their jokes. “A man could be scared of a woman on a stage with a microphone. We’re in a powerful position there and any minute we could cut you down. And you know what that means.” Here comes another pantomime from Behar, this time suggesting a comic castration via her scissor fingers. “So, they don’t like it so much.”

Behar’s own stand-up was kinder to the guys, instead putting those “hugely model-level women” on blast. Everyone can relate, right?

So much to unpack here. Behar would have been better off on The View if she could have confined the commentary to her one cogent point: “It’s a comedy show, not a beauty pageant.”


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