'SNL' Hired Chloe Troast Without Knowing She Already Worked There

Troast was already a PA at 30 Rockefeller Plaza when she auditioned for 'SNL' -- not that anyone noticed
'SNL' Hired Chloe Troast Without Knowing She Already Worked There

Chloe TroastSaturday Night Live’s newest cast member, auditioned for the show and landed the part without telling any of the decision makers that she already worked for them as production assistant, putting in grueling hours to keep the comedy monolith running smoothly. Let this be a deterrent lesson to all the assistants, pages and interns of the entertainment world who stupidly think that paying their dues will help them get to the top – your boss doesn’t even know you exist.

Troast is the only new featured cast member for SNL Season 49, and the 26-year-old New Jersey-born (shh) comic made her debut during this past Saturday’s season premiere. Though overshadowed by the impromptu appearance of trans-medium entertainment power couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, as the lone addition to this year’s cast, Troast will, hopefully, have ample opportunity to make herself a mainstay on the show that’s started so many massively successful comedy careers.

As part of her initiation into the SNL family, Troast answered some boilerplate get-to-know-you questions on the official SNL YouTube channel yesterday when she revealed how she kept her employment at the show a secret when she walked into the audition room. In all fairness, Lorne Michaels doesn’t bother learning anyone’s names anymore until he’s already produced one of their unsuccessful solo projects.

A frequent collaborator of SNL’s wunderkind sketch club Please Don’t Destroy, Troast was already an established name in local New York comedy before her graduation to the bottom of the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Even if her adjudicators didn’t know her name, enough comedy insiders considered Troast to be a rising star that she was chosen by the Montreal comedy festival Just for Laughs as one of their New Faces of Comedy earlier this year.

Hopefully, Troast becomes successful enough on the show to pay it forward to assistants and interns at SNL who undoubtedly see her as an inspiration and a success story for underlings everywhere. Maybe she’ll eventually hire one of those what’s-their-names for her own show one day.

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