Chloe Troast Graduates to ‘Saturday Night Live’

Chloe Troast Graduates to ‘Saturday Night Live’

Saturday Night Live gifted us with two surprises yesterday. First, the show is returning in just over a week with Pete Davidson, kicked to the curb last year by the writers’ strike, finally returning to the show as host. 

Second, and even more surprising given the show’s 16 repertory and featured players, SNL is adding a new cast member — Please Don’t Destroy pal Chloe Troast. 

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Troast has a lot more going for her than being pals with Ben, John and Martin, but the connection can’t hurt. She costars in the upcoming Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain film and has appeared in a number of online videos with the guys, like this one with Ben Marshall.

In addition, Troast ticks all the other comedy resume boxes — stand-up? Check. Improv? Check. Sketch comedy? Check. She’s costarring in Kiernan Shipka's upcoming MAX rom-com Sweethearts and even has a cartoon short, DOHL’S, on Adult Swim.

Why we’re kinda sorta excited about Troast? Like Sarah Sherman, Troast appears unafraid to get profoundly weird. 

She pops up in burlesque spots around New York performing as Pepper Slit, “the living relic of the Broadway stage and the silver screen.” 

First impression? Troast gives off Sherman-meets-Cecily-Strong vibes, combining the former’s squirm-inducing strangeness with Strong’s theatricality and powerful singing voice. The New Jersey native graduated from NYU just a few years ago and performed at her graduation ceremony. Props for both the performance chops and sticking it to New York, the city for which her snooty school is named. It’s time someone took the Big Apple down a peg or two.

Just a few years removed from that tour de force, Troast is graduating to the big leagues at Saturday Night Live. It’s no wonder with audition tapes like these floating around.


Kid, you’re hired. 

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