20 Stupid Comedies People Still Love

‘Malibu’s Most Wanted’ is incredibly dumb. That’s why we love it
20 Stupid Comedies People Still Love

Comedy is really the only genre of movie that can still be enjoyable when it’s really dumb. After all, a sufficiently bad drama or action movie just becomes a comedy, but a stupid joke can be just as funny as a good one. It’s kind of Mike Judge’s whole thing. That’s why, when we look back on the movies that got the loudest laughs out of us, there’s likely to be just as many Certified Rotten carcasses as Oscar winners.

One of Redditor Any-Satisfaction-770’s favorites is the infamous 2002 Dana Carvey bomb Master of Disguise. Yes, the “turtle, turtle” one. “I saw it when I was little and I didn’t know what a good movie was,” they explained. “To me, even as an adult, Dana Carvey tries so hard and fails that I get some enjoyment out of it. There is some enjoyment in itself of watching a talented comedian desperately flail on the screen for something to land. Plus the plot is absurd. It only makes it worse because there are some genuinely talented actors in there like Harold Gould and Brent Spiner.”

They then asked r/Movies, “What’s a bad comedy film you still get some enjoyment out of?” and plot twist, there’s a lot of Adam Sandler.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

The Waterboy

Freddy Got Fingered

The Cat in the Hat

The Hot Chick

Malibu’s Most Wanted


In the Army Now

Little Nicky

Corky Romano

Drop Dead Fred

White Chicks

Down Periscope

Big Trouble

The Producers


Strange Wilderness

A Dirty Shame

Club Dread


Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

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