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The 8 Most Horribly Insulting Attempts to Honor the Dead

When you're trying to create a dignified memorial to some historic event, it's important to ask yourself, 'Is what I'm about to create actually ridiculous and/or insulting to everyone involved?'


6 Famous People Who Eerily Predicted Their Own Deaths

Too bad they didn't get to say "I told you so!"


7 Eyebrow-Arching, Post-Fame Careers Of Famous Musicians

If you're about to sign a record contract, take a cue from these seven artists. All have played before thousands-strong audiences, and all have followed up their fame with successful (if totally random-ass) careers.


5 Moments That Prove Mr. Rogers Was the Greatest American

At my signal, take off those ironic smirks, and don your extra strength smiles, because your faith in human beings is about to get an upgrade.


5 Famous People You Didn't Know Have Real Mutant Powers

Mutants are very real, and they are among us -- in our TVs, and our iPods, and our sexual fantasies.


5 Beloved Famous People With Creepy Secret Obsessions

You might spot Tom Cruise raving about energy spirits outside of Spago, but you'll never catch some beloved performer straight up worshiping the devil. Right? (Hint: Wrong.)


5 Myths About Celebrity Deaths Everyone Believes

It turns out that some of the most famously juicy, ironic, or poetic deaths ever were nothing like they told you.


8 Actors Who Look the Same on Every Movie Poster (Part 3)

Yes, it is apparently possible to be typecast in movie posters.


8 Celebrities With Unexpected Famous Relatives

Some blood connections between celebrities aren't so easy to spot, since they exist between people you'd probably never imagine being in the same room together, let alone getting drunk and having an argument on Thanksgiving.


4 Dangerously Influential Dimwits

There are those people who have been elevated to a position of authority, rightly or wrongly, who use their power and influence to spread their wrongheaded beliefs, not just to the benefit of ignorance, but to the dangerous detriment of those who believe them.


13 Awesome Photos That Will Make You Happy to Be Alive

Sometimes you need to take a few moments to wipe away the world's grime from your eyes and refill your soul with anything that brings you joy. So here you go.


Where Aren't They Now? 13 Overlooked Deaths of 2012

Every year, Cracked takes a few minutes to look back and reflect on the lives of the recently deceased whose deaths didn't necessarily make headlines, despite the fact that they each changed your life in some small way.